Nilesh Arora – Founder Partner of ADDVALUE is the leading business coach in India. With a hard core industrial experience of over 15 years and more than a decade in Strategic management, family business counselling, operations excellence, business excellence and lean manufacturing consulting across the globe. He has executes the change management exercise with utmost ease.

Executives, CEOs, Business owners need a clear vision, execution strategy and mind set for achieving the desired goals while keeping themselves and the teams motivated along the journey.

The routine internal and external challenges need clear definition, problem structuring, solution analysis, and a positive approach for resolution within specified time lines. Speed of thought and speed to market, while being at the cross roads need to be maintained.

A friend, philosopher and guide is required to hand hold during this highly challenging learning and transformation journey, filled with emotions. Sensitively, maintaining the work life balance, in the quest for excellence is the key.

Value Added Coaching – VAC®, is a unique methodology, designed by Nilesh Arora – Director, ADDVALUE, for CEO training, CEO coaching and mentoring. VAC® focuses on self, organization and the business environment as a whole. It synchronizes the professional, organizational and social aspects in totality through deep analysis and understanding of life and business as a sum total, resulting in perfection and excellence with ease.

The guidance is not advisory alone; it is practical: hands on – learning by doing methodology; planned and executed for each functional aspect of the enterprise – operations excellence, team excellence and business excellence.

The entrepreneurs are trained to understand craft, execute, synchronize and monitor the various functions, for achieving excellence and even perfection, in each and every aspect of their enterprise.

Coaching modules are conducted one on one or for a group of entrepreneurs as required.

Entrepreneurs learn and execute the learning with the assistance of the ADDVALUE team of experts.

Coaching Objectives:

  • Work Life Balance
  • Goal achievement
  • Peace and Happiness
  • Delegation
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Excellence

Coaching Methodology:

  • Mapping Personal objectives
  • Mapping Organization objectives
  • Alignment of objectives
  • Creating Roadmap
  • Education and Training
  • Structuring and Mentoring
  • Goal Analysis and Measurements

During the coaching journey, ADDVALUE is in constant touch, guiding on business and life issues, objectively monitoring, motivating and counselling.

ADDVALUE has been successfully conducting CEO coaching programs in India, Asia and Africa. CEO training programs have enabled their organizations achieve multiple and sustained growth and profitability. CEO Trainings have also helped them lead and progress through systematic delegation and monitoring.

ADDVALUE has coached and mentored several executives through its Corporate Executive Coaching program, assisting them in their journey of being the future leaders. Executives develop a clear vision and are able to build a clear strategy and teams for a progressive future.

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Inquiry for Franchise