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    Changes are accepted and sustained only when mindset is changed at subconscious level.
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    Lean means to achieve excellence or even perfection in each and every aspect
    of the enterprise by continual identification, reduction and if possible
    elimination of waste on a continual basis.
  • Business
    Business excellence is a resultant of Operational Excellence,
    Team Excellence backed up by a sound Business Strategy.
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    Family Business Structuring, Family Vision, Goal Setting, Succession Planning.


popularly known as ADDVALUE is leading Lean Manufacturing Training and Consulting, Operational Excellence, Business Excellence, Strategic Family Business Management, Partnership Management firm across Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East.

We specialise in Operational Excellence through Lean Manufacturing Training and Consulting and Business Excellence. Excellence is highly needed to survive and sustain growth in this globally competitive environment. It also ensures that the status quo is continually challenged to address the dynamic market demands and internal challenges for a better tomorrow.

Employee involvement and creativity form the basis of the excellence journey. All the systems and processes are designed for optimal utilization of the processes and meeting the customer demand on time, error free and in full, leading to a great customer experience.

Training and Consulting in manufacturing and service sectors integrates:

Lean Manufacturing Training

(5S, JIT, TPM, TQM, Inventory Management, Lean Business Processes)

Operational Excellence: Speed to Market

(Business Excellence Model, Lean Management, Supply Chain Management)

Business Excellence: Speed of Thought

(Strategic Management, Financial Management, Restructuring, Creating Super Brands)

Lean Six Sigma

(TQM, Problem Solving, Poka Yoke)

Team Excellence

(Vision, Mission, Organization Architecture, KPIs)

Business Coaching

(CEO Mentoring, Executive Coaching)

Family Business Management & Partnership Management

(Family Counselling, Family Structuring, Succession Planning, Family Council, Family Constitution, Family Business Plans, Wealth Management etc.)

Our trainings and consulting services are custom designed to address the gaps, to result into capacity and capability building.

For more details please write to us on : info@avci-lean.com


Call / Whatsapp: +919824009792

Our Services

We add value in totality!!

  • Business Coaching

    Competitiveness is the key to survival, which can be achieved through a great Lean Strategy, execution and sustenance.

  • Operational Excellence

    Team performance is crucial for high organization effectiveness rather than individual efficiency.

  • Team excellence

    Building a business model, based on a great business strategy, aligned with organization vision create great going concerns.

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Inquiry for Franchise