ADDVALUE Consulting Inc. (ADDVALUE) – ADDVALUE, are the leading Lean manufacturing consultants specializing in lean consulting, training and execution, aligned with Business and Life Coaching for propelling a great future for each individual, family and the corporate.

ADDVALUE, established in 1999, with the sole mission of adding value in totality in industrial and service spectrums, across the organization architecture.

ADDVALUE is the leader in Strategic Management, Business Coaching, Family Business Counselling and Lean Manufacturing Consulting in India, Asia, Africa and Australia.

It has successfully consulted more than 300 organizations across the globe, during the last decade. ADDVALUE consultants chair board meetings as independent directors, navigating the organizations to desired directions within the shortest span of time.

ADDVALUE conducts in house and outbound programs on one on one basis, team basis or as required.At senior levels both Business and Life are dependent yet mutually exclusive. These two dimensions are balanced well for growth, security and happiness.

Inquiry for Franchise

Inquiry for Franchise