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Mr. Nilesh Arora, is one of the leading

Business Coach in Ahmedabad

, and also known for

CEO Training Consulting in Ahmedabad, India.

He is well known for building Operational Excellence and Business Excellence through one on one Coaching and Mentoring for individuals and family businesses.

The Business Coaching modules are:

  1. CEO Training & Mentoring
  2. Executive Coaching
  3. Family Business Management

The CEO training and Mentoring program is a 1 year hand holding period for the top level executives, assisting them see the larger business vision, build teams and overcome routine resistances.

Our Executive Coaching is a highly customized and focused training and coaching program for the senior and mid level executives for skill building and capacity building of the future leaders. It addresses the organization needs through our customized trainings.

Family Business Management focuses on Family, Business and Ownership to ensure continuity of the business for generations. We have assisted several family businesses globally.

As a standard practice, our family business framework and

business coaching in India

, is based on the 3 CIRCLE MODEL, having its own variations, to meet the family and business challenges.

Mr. Nilesh Arora, who has nearly 20 years of experience as a

CEO Training Consultant in Ahmedabad

, CEO Mentor in India, Family Business Management Consultant in Kenya, India and a well-known

Business Coach in India

, has trained, coached and mentored more than 500 organizations globally.

Nilesh Arora is the leading Business Coach in India, having more than 20 years of global experience in managing families and businesses.

As a leading Business Coach of India, he has assisted more than 100 families and nearly 300 organizations build structures for growth and profitability.

Nilesh Arora, as the leading Business Coach, provides Family Business Leadership programs and Family Business Management Consulting for creating legacies which last generations.

He has conducted trainings and provided mentorship to several CEOs across the globe. As a

Business Coach in Ethiopia

, we have transformed CEOs, Executives and the organization as a whole.


Business Coaching Training in Kenya

, is well known across the business families; Basco, MRM, Doshi, Techpak etc. to name a few.


CEO mentorship training in Nairobi

, which is part of the

CEO mentorship program in Kenya

has produced several progressive, positive CEOs who are currently leading and shaping their organizations with ease. CEO training in Dhaka,

CEO Training Consulting in Dhaka

, CEO Mentoring in Ghana, CEO Mentoring in Bahrain, CEO Mentoring in Nigeria, etc.

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