Business Excellence Consulting

ADDVALUE team of Operational Excellence experts assist organizations in coaching them for bringing about a cultural change for driving excellence and ensuring competitiveness as well. ADDVALUE has hands on experience and expertise in Steel, Cement, Plastics, Textiles, Garments, Foundry, Brass, Pump and Motor, Electricals, Paint, Chemicals, Logistics, Heavy Engineering, Vehicle Assembly, RotoMoulding, and many more.

The journey to Excellence begins with a small step. The vision to change and commitment must support this journey relentlessly.

HoshinKanri, the Japanese philosophy for Policy deployment, for continual excellence, across the organization value chain, is often termed, as the Direction or Management of objectives, is the essence of Business Excellence.

Business Excellence (BE) structures long-term vision into short, mid term or annual goals monitored by Key Performance Indicators on daily, weekly, monthly basis. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) synchronize to attain the organization goals and objectives.

Business Excellence Framework comprises:

Business Excellence Framework

  • Balridge Performance Excellence Framework
  • EFQM Excellence Model

Core Values and Concepts

  • Values and concepts which underpin BE criteria requirements

Criteria requirements

  • BE criteria requirements key to effective BE assessments

Scoring Methodology

  • Scoring responses to criteria based on evaluation dimensions and factors

Business Excellence Consulting begins with a simple problem solving, leading to a complete consulting of a project or theme, structured into the following steps:

  • Organization Assessment
  • Problem Analysis
  • Strategic Action Plan
  • Development
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Sustenance
  • Improvements

This complete Business Excellence (BE) structure allows embracing of all BE process to fit all categories of objectives and subsequent projects.

Organizations are able to understand the value of the BE framework, explain core values of the framework and monitor scoring dimensions and evaluation factors.

ADDVALUE BE Training and coaching ends when client organizations are able to operate, monitor, evaluate and control the improvement project. Enhancing the improvement projects beyond control and sustainability to continuous improvement andor breakthrough improvements annually need to be driven by Improvement Teams by reconvening them for Business Excellence.

ADDVALUE BE experts have huge global experience across industrial and service sectors in adding value in totality to the organizations and creating super brands through total transformation.

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