Lean can be and must be applied across all industry and business sectors. The core objective of any industry is to make money, be profitable on a sustained basis.

The focus should be on improving the gross margins and reducing the overheads, which are waste (mandatory to some extent but can be reduced).

Lean management has been applied in manufacturing sectors such as plastics, paints, textiles, machinery manufacturing, cement, steel, automobiles, windmills, paper, wood, aircrafts, and a lot more.

Lean has also been applied in service sectors such as banks, hospitals, NGOs, insurances, governments, schools and universities, IT, BPOs, corporate offices and many more.

Key is to move on from individual efficiencies to effectiveness of the total value chain for maximizing gains.

Whether it be manufacturing industries– process or discrete, or services – private sectors or public sectors, the Mudas need to be identified, reduced and if possible eliminated for higher value addition, by reducing the through put time resulting in On time, In full, Error free deliveries.

Inquiry for Franchise

Inquiry for Franchise