The industrial sector has made a fair and sustained contribution to the GDP of the Philippines over the years. The industrial sector is growing slowly despite lower labour and operational costs in the region. The reason behind this is lack of clarity in Business Vision and unawareness of World Class operational practices. Lean Philosophy can bring in best Global Practices to the floor and can help in building a World-Class Organization.

ADDVALUE’s experience across the globe in turning around business has been instrumental in helping organizations in maintaining growth amidst global competition. ADDVALUE has worked closely with several textile businesses and through its integrated approach in Operational Excellence and Business Excellence, many organizations have observed overall turnaround.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing Training

  • On-time error-free deliveries by application of TQM
  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through TPM
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved margins and profitability
  • Higher market share
  • Highly motivated and excellent team work
  • Exponential Business Growth

Application of Total Lean Management, along with Lean Strategy, Business Coaching and Life Coaching assists organizations in turning around in all aspects. ADDVALUE Consultants work closely with the clients and teas to continually keep improving means of operation as well as strategically take bigger steps towards exponential growth.

ADDVALUE Consulting Inc. is one of the leading Lean Manufacturing Consultant, and Operational Excellence Trainer in Philippines.

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