Lean Manufacturing Steel

From the incoming raw materials to the final coating line, whether the end product is steel made from iron ore or scrap and whether it is several inch-thick slabs or galvanized sheets less than a millimetre thick, organizations are constantly searching for technologies and solutions that enhance each stage of the steel manufacturing process.

Fluctuating Steel prices, ever-increasing demand, high investment costs, technology, distribution and logistics are the key drivers of profitability of the steel industry.

Lean manufacturing of steel is a production process that seeks to eliminate waste in all steel production phases with the end purpose of satisfying the customer and making steel production cost-effective.

In the steel industry, equipment is often physically so huge that rearrangement of these to reduce unnecessary human and machine movements may be unrealistic. Therefore, Plant Flow Layout & Plant designs are critical.

Because of the size of the products made, cycle time is often longer than in other manufacturing businesses. Metallurgical constraints limit the aggressive acceleration of heat–up and cool–down cycles. The results of a successful implementation of lean manufacturing in the steel industry can be massive: huge reductions in production cost, inventory and changeover times, cycle times, large gains in quality, and observable improvements in delivery reliability.

ADDVALUE LEAN consultants have mastered the art of applying Lean Manufacturing in the steel Industry effectively – Lean in CRM (Cold Rolling Mill), Flat Products, Long Products, Structural Steel Fabrication, Colour Coating, Steel Forming / Corrugation, Steel Roofing Sheets, Metal Coating Line, etc to name a few.

ADDVALUE LEAN experts help you successfully implement Lean in the steel industry. The outcomes of a successful implementation of lean manufacturing in the steel industry are massive.

Lean Manufacturing is applicable in:

  • CRM
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Al Zn Coating
  • Color Coating
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Steel Corrugation
  • Tube Mill
  • Flat Products
  • Roofing Sheets
  • Steel Bars

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing in Steel Industry:

  • Optimal Inventory using Kanban
  • Low rejections by applying TQM
  • TPM ensures negligible machine downtime
  • High OEE, high MTBF, and reduced MTTR
  • Quick Changeover using SMED
  • Spares Management
  • Highly Organized and Visual Factory through 5S
  • Improved Profitability

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