Uganda, a landlocked country, depends heavily on the ports of the neighbouring countries, for its supply chain. The rising costs of the inputs, high power tariffs, and increased labor costs make it essential for the manufacturing companies in Uganda, to be efficient in sustaining in the market. The main industries include steel production, cement, cotton, tobacco, sugar, and breweries. Lean training in Uganda, Kaizen consultants in Uganda, have assisted many organizations achieve operational excellence.

Benefits of Lean Training In Uganda

  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Improved margins and profitability
  • Higher market share
  • Highly motivated and excellent teamwork
  • Professionally run family businesses in Uganda

ADDVALUE has been instrumental in turning around several organizations such as Uganda Baati, Basco Paints, Mansons, Vaya Group, and many more. Application of Total Lean Management, along with Lean Strategy, Kaizen, Logistics, and Distribution has enabled several organizations to achieve manufacturing excellence in Uganda. ADDVALUE’s Lean manufacturing trainers and Kaizen consultants in Uganda provide services in the field of Operational and Business Excellence and have assisted over 300 organizations across the globe..

ADDVALUE Consulting Inc. is one of the leading Operational Excellence Trainer & Lean Kaizen Consultants for family-run businesses in Uganda.

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