Zambia stands as one of the most highly urbanised countries in sub-Saharan Africa with 44% of the population concentrated along the major transport corridors. Zambia’s main industries include mining, construction, chemicals, horticulture, paper industries, textiles, foodstuffs and beverages. The sector consists largely of medium-sized companies and subsidiaries of several MNCs.

Poor infrastructure and low levels of disposable income among the population has hindered the development of industry in Zambia. By establishment of Multi – Facility Economic Zones (MFEZs) and promoting small and medium enterprises, government of Zambia is continually working to enhance its manufacturing strength. Adoption of Lean Manufacturing Practices can truly add the boost required by the industrial sectors.

Organizations have achieved the following benefits through Lean Manufacturing Training:
  • Improved customer satisfaction by application of TQM
  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through TPM
  • Optimized capacity utilization
  • Responsive Supply Chain
  • Improved margins and profitability
  • Higher market share
  • Highly efficient and effective teams
  • Better customer experience
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