AddValue provides the following certifications:

  • Certified Lean Manager – 3 days
  • Certified Lean Total Productive Maintenance – 2 years
  • Certified Lean Enterprise – 3 years

Certified Lean Managers are able to champion the lean activities in their enterprise and successfully integrate them with the organization goals and vision. They are future business leaders in the making, groomed to understand, train and coach Operational Excellence (OPEX) and Business Excellence (BE).

Certified Lean Total Productive Maintenance is applicable mainly to process industries, as maintenance is the backbone of the entire value chain. Improved health of the machines, alignment with delivery demand rate - takt time and operational excellence lead to least cost of manufacturing. Lean TPM enables organizations face the adverse market scenarios with preparedness and ease and sustain bottom lines.

Certified Lean Enterprise, leads creation of great lasting enterprises.

Organizations need cultural change, adhering to the philosophy of long-term decisions, total employee involvement and continually working on excellence and even perfection through lean. Lean enterprises are going concerns, focusing on succession planning. The unused human potentials are unearthed making each and every employee having organization pride and a sense of ownership.

Operations Excellence, Business Excellence, Business Coaching and Life Coaching are thoroughly integrated for going concerns.

Each Certification is provided subject to training, execution, sustenance and examination.

Life Coaching:

Life coaching is provided to
  • Business Owners
  • CEOs
  • Top Management
  • Individuals


  • Clarity of vision
  • Long term decision making
  • Relationship Management
  • Work Life Balance


  • One on one counseling
  • Business counseling
  • Family Counseling

Life coaching modules are custom designed to analyze thought processes, building life goals, and execution through handholding.

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Inquiry for Franchise