Lean is a philosophy, a continual exercise in quest for excellence.

Customer satisfaction the key indicator drives the organization.

5 principles of Total Lean Management (TLM) define the roadmap for BUSINESS EXCELLENCE (BE) and OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE (OPEX)


Identify Customer Value

  • What is the customer is paying for?
  • What is value addition for the customer?

Map the Value Stream

  • Create a Value Stream Map
  • Visualize Material and Information Flow
  • Identify and reduce waste (Non Value Adding – NVA)
  • Improve Value Adding Ratio (VAR)
  • Synchronize Material and Information flow to generate CASH flow

Create Flow

  • Create Spaghetti Diagram
  • Ensure flow
  • Reduce Through Put Time (TPT)

Establish Pull

  • Manufacture as per Demand
  • Synchronize with demand rate - TAKT time
  • Ensure minimum or zero WIP
  • Establish Pull / Replenishment philosophy

Seek Perfection

  • Build Lean models
  • Continually identify, reduce, eliminate waste
  • Continually reduce Through Put Time (TPT)
  • Continually improve Value Adding Ratio (VAR)
  • Continually improve Organization Standards

Execution, monitoring and sustenance of the 5 Pillars of TLM create efficiency and effectiveness in organizations. Organizations are able to meet the fierce and dynamic market challenges, remain competitive, ensuring growth and profitability on a sustained basis, defeating the adverse situations with ease.

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Inquiry for Franchise