Many SMEs are start off as family driven business units. After growth in their business upto certain level they lose their competitiveness and growth stagnates and subsequently starts declining.

SME units in developing countries find it difficult to compete because of consistent quality and delivery standards not being maintained. As competition is getting tougher in the global market, customers continue demanding more in terms of pricing, quality and delivery. Due to lack competitiveness, SMEs are have no choice but to shut down or getting acquired. In such critical conditions adopting Lean Manufacturing tools proves to be the right choice to develop the required competitiveness. While Lean Production’s fundamental focus is on the systematic elimination of non-value added activity and waste from the production process, the implementation of lean principles and methods also results in improved environmental performance. Lean produces an operational and cultural environment that is highly conducive to waste minimization. Lean Management helps in achieving dramatic results in cost, quality and time by focusing on process performance. ADDVALUE LEAN Manufacturing experts enable organizations achieve healthy positive cash flows by increasing the inventory turns. Lean Manufacturing experts also ensure intangible benefits such as individual excellence, improved inter personal relationships and focused and dedicated teams propel the growth to the highest desired levels.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing in SMEs:

  • Low space requirements
  • High inventory turnover
  • Competitiveness in terms of Quality, Cost, Delivery
  • Improved Bottom Line profits

ADDVALUE LEAN consultants assist organizations in achieving Operational Excellence and Team Excellence developing Business Excellence Models, build Strategic Road maps and Business Plans. Board Meetings are also conducted as Independent Directors to ensure total execution,which is completely cohesive and synchronized with the growth plan.

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Inquiry for Franchise