Lean Manufacturing Construction

Construction is one sector, which is relatively the most unorganized sector. Projects have become more uncertain, complex and pressed for speed. Organizations reasonably focus on the scheduling and planning of the construction projects but in reality lead to cost and time over runs. To avoid such over runs, quality is disregarded and subsequently gets deteriorated.

Occupational safety is notoriously worse than in other industries. Sometimes due to inferior working conditions, there are also work force shortages in construction sector. In construction projects several groups are involved such as owners, designers, general contractor, sub-contractors and suppliers. Their coordination is crucial to the success. There is a pressing need to develop Lean business processes among them. Lean Management through its Total Flow Management (TFM).

The organizations should be analyzed through its various flows like from order to cash, from raw materials to delivery etc. and not through departments and this will buttress the current CPM/PERT techniques to reduce the Through Put Time (TPT).

Inventory is managed on the basis of the schedules planned but learned results shows that it either ends up as over stocking or stock out situations which are the two key elements of the inventory devil. Both are equally dangerous which impact the bottom line profits of the organization.

Lean Management, through its Total Service Management (TSM) pillar helps organizations develop individual Inventory Models for Raw materials, Work In Progress etc. leading to JIT across the supply chain. Inventory is no more in the warehouse but unloaded directly in the supermarkets created to point of use.

Total Quality management (TQM) can keep a track on the variance between expected quality standards and the resulting standards in the continual basis. PERT / CPM in conjunction with JIT acts as the most powerful combination for project monitoring, cost and quality control with on time delivery.

Lean Management is applicable in:

All types of constructions

ADDVALUE Lean Experts have mastered the art of applying Total Lean Management Model in the Construction Industry effectively.

Benefits of application of Lean Construction tools and techniques:
  • Reduced Project Through Put Time
  • Reduced Project Costs
  • Improved Quality in Construction Projects
  • On time Project Completion

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