Lean Sectors Electrical

In electrical industry, general process is extrusion and copper drawing to make cables. There are generally large numbers of spares and huge variety of products in electrical industry, so spares and inventory management becomes a crucial issue. Due to huge influx of spares it as well becomes important to utilize available space optimally through 5s.

Generally the processes are closely integrated in electrical industry so process synchronization is very important and is done through Total Productive Maintenance.

Due to multiple products is becomes increasingly necessary for the company to keep the quality of those entire product up to the mark. TQM helps in improving and maintaining high quality standards which finally results in higher product yield finally resulting into greater customer satisfaction.

Lean Manufacturing is applicable in:

  • Cable Manufacturing
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Power & Allied Industries
  • chain
  • High Customer Satisfaction

Benefits of Lean in Electrical industries:

  • Low space requirements
  • Low cost manufacturing
  • Low TPT
  • Optimal inventory across the value

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