Lean Manufacturing Food Processing Industries

Food industry is one such sector that is highly driven on basis of customer satisfaction. Consumers have varied taste preferences which forces the food industry to operate with a large product range to continually maintain their market share in the consumer market.

Food industry can be undeniably considred to be the foremost runner in the consumer market. But with such a big share of the market and comparitively stable demands, food industry still faces several challenges to maintain their demands and continually fulfil cuonsumer needs. Few challenges are – maintaining quality of product, manageing wide product range, managing logistics, managing perishable raw materials, satisfying health and safety norms and machinery performance.

Application of Lean Manufacturing tools like VSM, Quaility Assurance, Warehousing and Logistics, TPM, lean inventory management, etc are highly adviced to constantly keep up the operational efficiency, match standards to met by the food industries and maintain the desired level of customer satisfaction as well as market share.

Lean Manufacturing is applicable in:

  • Food processing iindustry
  • FMCG Industry

Benefits of application of Lean Manufacturing in Casting Industry:

  • Lesser wastage
  • Higher quality control
  • Visual control over workplace
  • High productivity
  • Improved supply chain
  • Better inventory control
  • Better value stream management
  • Lower machine breakdown

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