Lean Manufacturing Governments

ADDVALUE LEAN consultant assist organizations in achieving Operational Excellence and Team Excellence developing Business Excellence Models, build Strategic Road maps and Business Plans. Board Meetings are also conducted as Independent Directors to ensure total execution,which is completely cohesive and synchronized with the growth plan.

Governments are branded as time consuming, overly complex, bureaucratic, and therefore non supportive bodies. Though a lot of information and policies do exist for the benefit of the citizens and the corporate confusion persists.

In today’s world Governments are expected to perform transparently and professionally with the least waiting time and high information clarity to the citizens. However inadequate resources of space, finance and political uncertainty pose a real challenge to the transformation.

Our Lean counseling experts ensure that a culture of continual transformation is instilled which puts value and citizens first.

ADDVALUE LEAN has a high expertise in the government sectors. We do understand the complexity and the political pressures and uncertainty.Our Lean experts help Governments to identify the non value adding activities, improve service levels and reduce costs.

Benefits of Lean Management in Governments:

  • Reduced through put time of the processes
  • Reduced work load & stress
  • Reduction in process defects
  • Reduced paper work
  • Visual information
  • Multi skilled employees
  • Enhanced team work

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