Lean Manufacturing Logistics and Distribution

The implications of lean manufacturing extend beyond the production floor, directly impacting supporting business processes of Logistics and Distribution. Backorders are bad for business. It surely deteriorates otherwise healthy, long-term business relationships with the customers.

Lean Manangement Best practices for distribution and logistics is about improving processes andtaking out wastes from the system. It extends application from warehousing to fleet management and literally all nodes of the Lean Supply Chain. Lean tools like PDCA Cycle, Kaizen, TQM, Business Process Mapping, VSM, etc are few of the most effective tools that enhance operational efficiency through out the distribution system.

Lean Manufacturing is applicable in:

  • Logictics and Distribution
  • Warehouse Management
  • Freight optimization

Benefits of application of Lean Manufacturing in Casting Industry:

  • Improved On time delivery
  • Freight Management
  • Cost optimization
  • High productivity

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