Lean Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical companies were not producing drugs any faster than they were before these innovations came along. Poor scientific productivity in output has remained at a stable level for the past decade, using the same discovering and developing processes.

Rising customer expectations as the commercial market is getting harsher, since healthcare companies levy new cost constraints on healthcare providers and inspect the value medicines offer much more carefully.

Lean works here. It helps you reduce throughput time, improve distribution and logistics, reduce inventory which is of the highest priority due to expiry norms. Process Standardization for Lean Six Sigma builds the foundation for reducing rejection and variation in different production batches.

The concepts are the same for process industry with some small modifications specific to pharmaceuticals. ADDVALUE LEAN consultants have assisted some of the prominent pharmaceutical companies improve their businesses in terms of quality and performance.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing in Pharmaceutical industry:

  • Six Sigma for reduced process and batch variations
  • Low inventory across the distribution channel
  • Low Logistics and distribution time and costs
  • High Performance of machines

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