Lean Manufacturing Agro Sector

Agriculture and facrming are the backbone of prosperity if any country. Along the years, the agricultural and farming sector have undergone giagantic changes in the way these primary activities are conducted. The reason being the advances in technology in the supporting industrial sector. These supporting industries direct the approach of farmers adopt in their occupasion. These industries provides the tools and services that enhance the output of the farming sector.

However these indusgtries face challenges posed by the argicultural situations. Unexpected climate changes drastically affect these supporting agro industries and agro sector on the whole. Additonally, governmental policies also affect (positively as well as negatively) the performace of the agro sector industries.

Organizations proacticeing Lean Manufacturing possess a vital compeititive edge over the other organizations in view of operational efficiency. Lean Tools like lean layout, TPM, quality management, inventpry management, VSM, etc greatly inpact in maintaining and infact improving the bottom line performance of industries.

Lean Manufacturing is applicable in:

  • Agriculture Implements
  • Submersitible Pumps and Motor Manufacturing
  • Irrigation equipments
  • Farm equipments

Benefits of application of Lean Manufacturing in Casting Industry:

  • Lesser wastage
  • Improved Quality
  • Visual control over workplace
  • High productivity
  • Lower machine breakdown
  • Fast delivery

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