Lean Manufacturing In Automotive Industries

Mass production is designed with buffers - more inventory, space, workers — to make it function. The objectives of lean production are to strip away these buffers, to reduce costs, and be involved more systematically in production. This is accomplished by a series of connected practices. Just in time (JIT) or synchronous production minimizes buffers by making only what is needed at the amount needed at the necessary time. Lean Manufacturing in the Automobile sector ensures pull manufacturing across the entire supply chain through kanban, supermarkets, work standardization, jidoka, total quality management, etc. for doing it right the first time. The assembly lines work as per takt time – the rate at which the automobiles are being pulled in the market, with minimal changeover time from one product to another.

Lean Manufacturing is applicable in:

  • Automobile Assembly
  • OEM Manufacturing
  • Car Sales and Service

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing In Automotive Industries

  • Optimal inventory leading to high cash flow
  • Standardized work
  • Low line stoppages
  • Low rejections and rework
  • Visual plants
  • Improved Profitability

ADDVALUE LEAN MANUFACTURING consultants assist automotive industries in achieving Operational Excellence and developing Business Excellence Models, build Strategic Road maps and Business Plans, by thorough understanding and analysis of the assembly lines, the demands, the product variety and much more.

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