Bahrain, the island nation, has the fastest-growing economy in the Arab world. Bahrain is home to a number of multinational firms and construction proceeds on several major industrial projects. Besides oil and gas industries, the other main industrial sectors in Bahrain are: Aluminium, Petrochemicals and Plastics, Food Processing, Garments Industries sector, Engineering, Handicrafts, Small and Medium Industries.

The growing sectors can largely benefit through Lean Implementation across the organization and thereby creating a profitable businesses. However for being profitable along with growing sustainably, organizations shall move strategically. This can be practiced for best outcomes through strategic approach of Lean Manufacturing, Business Excellence and Operational Excellence.

Lean Manufacturing Training in Bahrain, Kaizen Training in Bahrain, Operational Excellence Training in Bahrain, Business Excellence Training in Bahrain

Application of Total Lean Management, along with Lean Strategy, Lean Logistics, Lean Distribution has helped many organizations in turning around. In Bahrain, it has been instrumental in turning organizations successfully through intensive and interactive training on application of the TOTAL LEAN MANAGEMENT (TLM) MODEL. The organization has achieved the following benefits through Lean Manufacturing Training:

  • On time error free deliveries
  • Reduced TPT through Flow
  • Improved (OEE)
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved margins and profitability
  • Higher market share
  • Highly motivated and excellent team work
  • Improved Cash Flow

Our tailored made Business and Operational solutions by highly experienced Business Management Consultants have helped over 500 Organizations globally along the excellence journey by continually aligning Lean Improvements and Growth Strategy with Business Vision and Mission.

ADDVALUE Consulting Inc. is one of the leading Lean Manufacturing Consultant in Bahrain, Kaizen consultant in Bahrain, Operational Excellence Consultant in Bahrain and Business Excellence Consultant in Bahrain.

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