Lean Manufacturing Brass Industries

Indian Brass component manufacturing companies faces immense competitive pressure in the international markets. The world prices of both Raw materials and finished components are open and well known.

This puts the Indian brass component industry on the back foot and also work upon the internal efficiencies to generate gross margins and sustain. Quality and on time delivery remain the key challenges to be addressed in parallel with productivity.

Brass Components are high volume, low cycle time, batch manufacturing, involving numerous machines. High inventory across the value chain (typically stored in small bins) leads to high TPT, reduced inventory turns and eventually low margins.

Lean Manufacturing is applicable in:

  • Brass Extrusion
  • Brass Parts Manufacturing
  • Brass Forging

Benefits of application of Lean Manufacturing in Casting Industry:

  • Low inventory blocks
  • Reduced rejections
  • Visual control over workplace
  • High productivity
  • Lower machine breakdown
  • Reduced space requirements

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