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“Unveiling the 5 Secrets of Lean Manufacturing Training and Consulting” – 21st July 2016

Lean Manufacturing Training and Consulting is beyond the routine understanding of Lean pillars and tools than taught.

It has deeper insight, the Lean iceberg is bigger, deeper and beautiful than it seems.

5 Secrets of Lean Manufacturing Training and Consulting:

  1. Training and consulting though treated as different domains are highly interconnected. Only good trainers can be good consultants – no second thoughts on that. Good trainers are able to lay the foundations in the subconscious of the participants; energizing them and enabling them lead the progressive and positive change journey. Consultants command respect only and only if they are good trainers.
  2. The internal roadblocks to change can metamorphose into true change leaders, if dealt, psychologically. Such resistance creators within the organizations are the real challenges for the Lean Trainers and consultants; in fact great teachers who ensure enough exercises have been done before the quantum leap. Later, they become capable enough to show the way forward.
  3. All Lean Manufacturing tools and pillars are easy enough to understand – need a bit of commonsense approach, which is highly uncommon. The commonsense is aroused within individuals if the training and consulting are done on a thematic approach, which aligns the organization in totality. Individually, though many would be efficient, it is important for the entire value chain and the organization to be effective. Effectiveness overrules efficiency. Effectiveness, is the new mantra, efficiency is now history!!
  4. Monetary gains by organizations are an important aspect, but not the only. Lean Management Consultants need to train and consult on foundations - culture development, create a learning organization, with several intangible benefits rather than monetary alone. Organizations need to understand and imbibe the philosophy that “Life is beyond money and Business is beyond excel sheets “. Total Human Management (THM) is one of the key pillars for success.
  5. Lean is a journey of waves, may be sin waves or cos waves depending upon the TOP management commitment. Good that it is never linear, therefore helps the organization introspect frequently. Whatever the ups and downs at any moment, the resultant is always progressive and positive.
  6. The author is Nilesh Arora: Founder – Partner, AddValue Consulting Inc. (AVCI). He is a Lean Trainer and Consultant, Strategic Management Expert and a Business Coach. He has been consulting several organizations in Asia Pacific – Africa – Australia. He coaches business leaders across an array of industrial and business sectors and also serves as an independent director on board of many organizations. He is the pioneer of Total Lean Management (TLM) model and 9 Steps to Building World Class Organizations. With his work experience spanning across continents, Nilesh exercises a high degree of discretion, mature judgment and tact in handling family businesses. His experience, skills and qualities perfectly match his passion for Change Management.

    AVCI specializes in Operations Excellence, Team Excellence and Business Excellence for Adding Value in Totality!! Thereby turning around organizations for growth and sustained profitability. AVCI has assisted more than 250 organizations over the last decade. ADDVALUE has been awarded the Best Performing Consulting Organization – 2014. For more details, please log on to www.avci-lean.com.