CEOs are the prime movers of the organization. “Speed to market’’ is attained only and only if the CEO is driving the organization at a desired pace to fill in the vacuum out here.

The challenges to achieve this are enormous – business, social, personal and much more.

The true balance of work and personal life needs to be maintained while addressing these challenges to ensure there is no distortion in the vision and no burning out enroot to the desired goal. The journey is quite simple if not complexities are avoided.

CEOs not only need a friend, philosopher, guide but an experienced artist who can analyze, strategize and paint the visual in their minds to the finest detail.

The artist is the business coach, hand holding the CEO through thick and thin, providing the bird eye view of the business, social and personal links replacing the broken or damaged ones as and when required.

The business coach constantly boosts the decision makers ensuring the right logical positivity and speed needed to overcome the obstacles.

Business Coaching means leading or shadowing, assuring or challenging, authorizing or questioning, assisting or pushing as and when required.

The real coach partners them in their all round growth, is the most trusted, qualified and experienced lieutenant in your army who never allow things to go disarray.

Though not mandatory to have a coach, the current pressures create haziness, may blur the vision at times. Then arises the need of internal and external cleansing through a trusted navigator and continual motivator paving the way forward without hesitation or fear. The coach does not have vested interests, weighs the options objectively without any prejudice. The success of the CEO is the success of the coach himself.

This does not at all mean total dependency or lack of self-confidence on part of the CEOs. It is more like guiding for the first few initial baby steps and gently moving away when stable.

CEOs need the radars in form of business coaching for perfect navigation and safe journeys!!

The author is Nilesh Arora: Founder – Partner, AddValue Consulting Inc. (AVCI). He is a Lean Trainer and Consultant, Strategic Management Expert and a Business Coach. He has been consulting several organizations in Asia Pacific – Africa – Australia. He coaches business leaders across an array of industrial and business sectors and also serves as an independent director on board of many organizations. He is the pioneer of Total Lean Management (TLM) model and 9 Steps to Building World Class Organizations. With his work experience spanning across continents, Nilesh exercises a high degree of discretion, mature judgment and tact in handling family businesses. His experience, skills and qualities perfectly match his passion for Change Management.

AVCI specializes in Operations Excellence, Team Excellence and Business Excellence for Adding Value in Totality!! Thereby turning around organizations for growth and sustained profitability. AVCI has assisted more than 250 organizations over the last decade. ADDVALUE has been awarded the Best Performing Consulting Organization – 2014. For more details, please log on to www.avci-lean.com.