Ethiopia, a land locked country in the horn of African Continent, has observed a rapid economic growth. However the economy faces several unprecedented challenges that has affected adversely to the thriving sectors. Energy & Hydropower, Agriculture, Exports and Transportation sectors are the biggest contributors to the country’s development.

An analysis of the Industrial sector has suggested that there may be serious inefficiencies in the use and allocation of resources in IPEs (Industrial Public Enterprises) & SSEs (Small Scale Enterprises). Hence, it requires additional improvement to encourage further growth which can be observed though systematically deploying Lean Practices into the operating systems. Best outcomes can be further ensured by aligning Lean Improvements with Business Excellence and Operational Excellence best practices and by obtaining lean manufacturing training in Addis Ababa.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing Training in Addis Ababa

  • Improved customer satisfaction by application of TQM
  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through TPM
  • Optimized capacity utilization
  • Responsive Supply Chain
  • Improved margins and profitability
  • Higher market share
  • Highly efficient and effective teams
  • Improved cash flow

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